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See Paspawisa's full theatre CV here.

The interactive performance which

combined physical theatre and plays

elements together. 


0110 is a story about the star which 

longs for a moon to orbit around her.

Since she could not find the purpose 

of being alive by just orbiting around 

herself for million years.

This original new script point out

new generation's most popular question,

"Who am I?" through the middle of

social media and hipster cultures which

everyone trying to identify their own self

From Patrick Marber's script to Thai

language version of 'CLOSER' for

the first time. The play exposes how

human love and lie to one another

and also to themselves.


Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl tells a new

a story about Eurydice and Orpheus

myth. Reshape our ideas how important

to be with present and how life will be

without memories.

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